Personalized Senior Support with Everyday Living 

As we age, it can take more time and effort to do some things that were once routine.  

Imagine having someone there for you ... Just Like A Daughter!  

We are a dedicated team of college educated wives, mothers and daughters and we all have parents who are in their 80's, who are currently aging in place themselves.  


Our mission is to help you or your loved one, live the life you want to live!  

We will do all we can to help ensure that you feel fulfilled and accomplish all that you desire


We are there as the "added support"...Just Like A Daughter

Services are completely customizable and vary from client to client.


Our Services







Well Organized Closet

We can stop in for a Friendly Visit, prepare you Lunch or Dinner, help you with your Computer or Cell Phone, empty your Dishwasher, take out the Trash, change the Kitty litter box,  hang your pictures and more...

ANYTHING you would expect that your daughter or son might help you with...we are there and help in any capacity you desire!

You name it..we'll do it!

We will drive you to your doctors appointments , take your grocery shopping or anywhere your heart desires!


Or, perhaps you need a companion to join you at for lunch, church or attend an exercise class with you...  we are there for you, just like you would expect from a daughter!

We are Professional Organizers who specialize in supporting seniors ! We are especially sensitive to encouraging our clients to walk through their memories and share stories all while we are helping provide them with strategies to better manage their environments or ...make decisions on how to eliminate and declutter!



Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist & Organizer



Just like a Daughter & Dementia Specialist



Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist  

Our Team of  "Daughters"



Founder & Chief Cheerleader, CDP ( Certified Dementia Practitioner, NAPO Member (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals)



Just like a Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist & Organizer



Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist  



Just like a Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist & Organizer


If you are searching for kind, caring, compassionate, honest, hardworking, creative, talented, wise, dependable (+ every other positive attribute) companion care for your loved one, you have arrived! Do yourself a favor, put your pencil down + look no further. For 2+ years I’ve gone through the highs + (mostly) lows of finding the “best” care for my parents (both Alzheimers) living in our home. I’ve hired care through friend referrals + elder consultants, through big agencies, small agencies, independents + even my own dependents :) I was close to giving up and started researching assisted living options, when I made one last-ditch effort to find the “perfect match”.. and I found Robyn! That moment will forever be known as "Life BEFORE Robyn + We finally have a LIFE, AFTER". Robyn + her DREAM team are magical, not simply Companion Caregiving they are CareLIVING, fueling LIFE + creating JOY; what we all wish our loved ones could experience in this stage. #EternallyGrateful #LuckyUs

Carlie R., LCSW

As an octogenarian and inveterate hoarder for many decades, I have recently had the happy – and quite remarkable – experience of using the amazing services of Robyn Lighthammer and her Companion Caregiving team in an ongoing effort to make my hopelessly cluttered home livable again. It’s clear to me that Robyn’s exceptional team has much to offer northern Virginia residents in many aspects of eldercare, and as I continue to age, I will happily engage their services in a variety of categories as my need for assistance inevitably increases. But for my current purposes, they are already working wonders for me in a sorely needed decluttering endeavor.
In that regard, the team members are proving themselves to be creative, energetic, thoughtful, imaginative, concerned, careful, empathetic, kind, solicitous, cheerful, and hard-working experts in organizing, reviewing, and removing the abundance of unnecessary clutter that has been relentlessly building up in my home over several decades. Their dedicated efforts are resuscitating my hopelessly overwhelmed living space.
I suspect that my decluttering tasks are only the beginning of what I believe will become a recurring consultation with the Companion Caregiving team over any number of concerns and needs that are likely to arise in connection with my determination to age in place as the years go by. Robyn and her team are unusually capable and pleasant people to work with – dedicated to the tasks at hand, genuinely concerned for their clients, and incredibly effective in accomplishing the task at hand.

Dr. Ron K.

Robyn and her team at Companion Caregiving have been a wonderful addition to our lives. The joy that they bring to my mother is priceless and the help they give in making her day more pleasant and fruitful is win for us both. My mother thrived when she was with Robyn and she just adored her. I can' thank her enough for all she did for my mom and how much care and love she showed my mother when we couldn't be there. I could not be more sincere in my five-star recommendation

Paula S.

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