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Senior Support with Everyday Living 

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As we age, it can take more time and effort to do some things that were once routine.  

Imagine having someone there for you ... Just Like A Daughter!  

We are a dedicated team of wives, mothers and daughters and even grandmothers who all share in a passion to serve and support our aging population! We have supported our own parents ( or in-laws), age gracefully as they have transitioned in their lives. We want to support you or your loved one, the same way we have supported our very own parents, with the utmost care, compassion, grace, dignity, integrity, respect and love! 


Our mission is to help seniors, live the life THEY want to live!  

We are there simply as their "added support"...Just Like A Daughter

We will do all we can to help ensure that you or your loved one feels

fulfilled and accomplishes all that they desire!

Serving the Northern Virginia Area since 2017

Services are fully customizable 

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Well Organized Closet

We can stop in for a friendly visit, prepare you lunch or dinner, help with your Computer or Cell Phone, empty your dishwasher, take out the trash, change the kitty litter ,  hang your pictures and more...


We like to say that we are delighted to support you with ANYTHING you would expect that your own daughter or son might help you with. We are there to help in any capacity to help you live your BEST LIFE!

We will drive you to you to doctors appointments , take you grocery shopping, take your beloved pets to the vet or even drive you to the beach!


Or, perhaps you just need a companion to join you at for lunch, attend church with or or be your partner at an exercise class.  We are there for you just like you would expect from a daughter!

We are Professional Organizers who specialize in supporting seniors. We are especially sensitive and encouraging. We patiently work with  you as you walk through memories and share stories ...all while we are helping provide you with strategies to better manage your environment.  We will help you make decisions with eliminating or decluttering or will help you downsize for a relocation. 

Our Services


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Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist & Organizer


Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist  


Just Like A Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist and Professional Organizer


Just Like A Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist

PAT S., R.N.

Just like a Daughter Companion & Nurse, Dementia Specialist & Organizer

PAT R., R. N.

Just Like A Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist


Just Like A Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist


Professional Organizer and Move Manager

Our Team of  "Daughters"



Founder & Chief Cheerleader, CDP ( Certified Dementia Practitioner, NAPO Member (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals)



Just like a Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist & Organizer


Just like a Daughter Companion, Dementia Specialist  



Just like a Daughter Companion & Dementia Specialist & Organizer



If you are searching for kind, caring, compassionate, honest, hardworking, creative, talented, wise, dependable (+ every other positive attribute) companion care for your loved one, you have arrived! Do yourself a favor, put your pencil down + look no further. For 2+ years I’ve gone through the highs + (mostly) lows of finding the “best” care for my parents (both Alzheimers) living in our home. I’ve hired care through friend referrals + elder consultants, through big agencies, small agencies, independents + even my own dependents :) I was close to giving up and started researching assisted living options, when I made one last-ditch effort to find the “perfect match”.. and I found Robyn! That moment will forever be known as "Life BEFORE Robyn + We finally have a LIFE, AFTER". Robyn + her DREAM team are magical, not simply Companion Caregiving they are CareLIVING, fueling LIFE + creating JOY; what we all wish our loved ones could experience in this stage. #EternallyGrateful #LuckyUs

Carlie R., LCSW

As an octogenarian and inveterate hoarder for many decades, I have recently had the happy – and quite remarkable – experience of using the amazing services of Robyn Lighthammer and her Companion Caregiving team in an ongoing effort to make my hopelessly cluttered home livable again. It’s clear to me that Robyn’s exceptional team has much to offer northern Virginia residents in many aspects of eldercare, and as I continue to age, I will happily engage their services in a variety of categories as my need for assistance inevitably increases. But for my current purposes, they are already working wonders for me in a sorely needed decluttering endeavor.
In that regard, the team members are proving themselves to be creative, energetic, thoughtful, imaginative, concerned, careful, empathetic, kind, solicitous, cheerful, and hard-working experts in organizing, reviewing, and removing the abundance of unnecessary clutter that has been relentlessly building up in my home over several decades. Their dedicated efforts are resuscitating my hopelessly overwhelmed living space.
I suspect that my decluttering tasks are only the beginning of what I believe will become a recurring consultation with the Companion Caregiving team over any number of concerns and needs that are likely to arise in connection with my determination to age in place as the years go by. Robyn and her team are unusually capable and pleasant people to work with – dedicated to the tasks at hand, genuinely concerned for their clients, and incredibly effective in accomplishing the task at hand.

Dr. Ron K.

Robyn and her team at Companion Caregiving have been a wonderful addition to our lives. The joy that they bring to my mother is priceless and the help they give in making her day more pleasant and fruitful is win for us both. My mother thrived when she was with Robyn and she just adored her. I can' thank her enough for all she did for my mom and how much care and love she showed my mother when we couldn't be there. I could not be more sincere in my five-star recommendation

Paula S.

Our Founding

Robyn Lighthammer
Founder, Chief Cheerleader and Just Like A Daughter Care Companion

After 29 exciting years in Human Resources, I made an intentional career shift in 2016 to follow my passion and heart.  I joined a remarkable new Assisted Living & Memory Care Community in Falls Church and served as their Activities Director. I was genuinely “Living the Dream” and finally found a role that made my heart sing. It was there that I was able to combine my passion for service to seniors with my creativity, interpersonal & organizational skills, and my vibrant approach to life!

In parallel to my professional career, I've had an equally long experience with serving seniors. At 12 years of age, I remember my first volunteer role, accompanying my mother each weekend to The Gaston Episcopal Hospital of Dallas. She and I served as candy stripers for the hospital gift shop, and it was there that my passion for service began. I continued the service journey through life and have volunteered with seniors wherever I have lived, from college to my adult years, even passing the volunteer spirit to our children. Nothing in the world makes me happier than brightening the day of an older adult who may be feeling lonely, isolated or just yearning for a friend to converse with. It is an honor and a privilege to serve our aging adult population, and I absolutely love doing so! 

In 2018, I launched my business, “Just Like A Daughter / Companion Caregiving”.  I saw the need with families today who are simply too busy to do it all.  And, “doing it all” includes those critically important visits they want with their mom or dad but find themselves not being able to fit it all in.  That’s where we can step in and help!  We are there when your family can't and we will have an eye on streamlining processes to make life more manageable, serving with a mindset as if we were your daughter. We are liaisons and advocates and will serve as an extension to your family.

My husband and I have lived in McLean for 22 years.  We moved here in 2002 from Portland, OR in order to be closer to our families (my parents here in Chevy Chase, MD and my husbands parents in Michigan.)  We are the proud parents of two wonderful children; our daughter recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Nuclear Engineering & Computer Science and our son, a 12th grader at an independent school here in McLean.  They both share a love for hiking. This past summer our daughter hiked the entire 2,500 miles of the Appalachian trail and and the previous summer of 2021, , both our children hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail together and in 2020 the 300-mile Superior Hiking Trail. 

We have (2) fur family members; both joined our family as fosters but never left. Juliette is a 14 year old mixed breed pup who has a zest for life even in her senior years.  Our 2nd pup, Moby, is a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees who lost her front leg days before she came to live with us. Moby serves as a therapy dog on visits with several of our clients! 

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering in the community, fostering dogs, hiking, traveling or relaxing on my favorite location.. the beach.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and supporting you and your needs!  It is my pledge that we will serve you with integrity, honor, joy and dignity; coupled with unparalleled values and ethics.

Health & Happiness Always,

Robyn Lighthammer      

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We will respond to you within the next 4 hours!

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